Opponents of the developers’ failed plan to build a 40-foot-tall deck atop the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal had feared one thing: That the developers would drop a ton of money into the campaign at the last moment and buy a bunch of TV time or other advertising.

Didn’t happen.

After the developers — Richard Chase, Nancy Chase and Frank Gallagher — raised enough money to get the initiative on the ballot, they didn’t raise another cent. From July 1 to Election Day, they received $0.00 in cash donations.

They got $15,000 in in-kind contributions from the Broadcast Companies of the Americas, which hosted a three-hour-long debate about the initiative. But no cash.

The East Coast financiers who’d dropped $110,000 to fund the effort to get the requisite signatures needed for the initiative to go on the ballot didn’t follow up with money to fund a campaign.

The measure was defeated 70 percent to 29 percent.


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