OK, I’m going to take a quick break from my “Winners & Losers” series below to point a couple of things out. The U-T is really in classic mode today.

This is just classic. The newspaper is currently trying to hawk T-shirts emblazoned with its front page and the news of Barack Obama winning the presidential election:

Limited edition t-shirt of the November 5th San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper announcing Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States. The November 5th edition of The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper included.

So the paper is now trying to capitalize on the event it did all it could to prevent from happening (granted, that’s not much, considering that its teetering influence is limited to San Diego, a now-blue county in a blue state). Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt the back of the shirt has a picture of the editorials they ran pleading with the public to elect John McCain. Nor does the shirt display one of the many cartoons from Steve Breen — like this one — that communicated how excited the country’s enemies were at the possibility Obama would be elected.

Update: I forgot to mention two other hilarious things about this. First, the shirt is $33.99. Yeesh. And it doesn’t ship for at least 21 business days. Yeeeesh. I don’t think the free prizes offered on cereal boxes take that long.

The U-T was really on a roll today.

Here’s the front page of the local newspaper’s website:

Let’s think about this for a second. First off, is there some kind of quota? Is the paper saying there should be a certain number and that we’ve come up “short?” Probably not, but that’s kind of weird. Secondly, the truth is a bit different. There are 10 elected officials at City Hall. The mayor, the city attorney, and the eight members of the City Council. Currently, before the new group takes charge, there are six Democrats and four Republicans running things at City Hall.

Four City Council seats were up for election this year along with the mayor and city attorney. Let’s look at what happened now that all the elections are done (assuming the count in District 7 preserves Democrat Marti Emerald’s lead over Republican April Boling).

  • Mayor’s Office — The mayor, a Republican, won reelection. No change in party holding office.
  • District 5 — The seat was held by a Republican. He was replaced by a Republican. No change.
  • District 1 — The seat was held by a Democrat. Not always the most liberal guy, but still a Democrat. A Democrat is replacing him. No change.
  • District 3 — The seat was held by a Democrat. She is being replaced by a Democrat. No Change.
  • District 7 — Jim Madaffer, a Republican, held the seat. He is being replaced by a Democrat. Add one to the Democrat column. Subtract one from the Republican column.
  • City Attorney’s Office — Democrat Mike Aguirre is being replaced by Republican Jan “I’m Not Political” Goldsmith. Add one to the Republican column and subtract one from the Democratic column.
  • Net change: None. I know, shocking.

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