City Attorney-elect Jan Goldsmith has sent all employees of the City Attorney’s office a memo that introduces himself and asks each individual to outline what they have been working on, and what they would like to do at the office.

The memo reads:

Over the coming months, there will be a transition period. I will be straight with you — there will be changes and some staff will be let go. I understand the anxiety, but I promise and commit to building a stable and positive work environment.

Then, Goldsmith asks each staff member to provide him with a resume and a memo that includes the following information:

a. A description of your work, which includes specific examples
b. A description of what you have accomplished while employed in the office
c. A highlight of cases or matter on which you are currently working
d. What you would like to do in the future, either in the office or elsewhere.

Goldsmith’s already made it clear that certain staff will be let go from his office. Goldsmith’s campaign has said Don McGrath, City Attorney Mike Aguirre’s top lieutenant at the office, won’t be around very long.

The fate of other staffers, such as Chris Morris, who headed up the office’s criminal division under Aguirre, is less clear.


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