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Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008 | I went to the Benjamin Library (Allied Gardens) today. It is one of the seven libraries on Mayor Sanders’ chopping block that is scheduled for “budget-saving” closure.

At the library, I observed the usual suspects of freeloading readers, students, and computer users. And, there happened to be a city work crew, painting. They were painting the walls of a facility that the mayor intends to board up and close. Why?

A few months ago, I attended a community meeting (at Benjamin) where proponents for a new city hall made a presentation. I asked the presenters how much public money had been spent (to date) on the study for a new city hall. The answer was “approximately $1 million.” These are two examples of how public monies are being allocated. Who is running this city, AIG?

Some of the lessons at the Benjamin Library aren’t found in the books.

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