Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008 | In January 2009, two years will have passed since Mayor Jerry Sanders and his executive team proposed a $35 million dollar software system to bring the city into the 21st century. For our taxpayer dollars I believe we were promised a system that would bring the “abacus-like” accounting, logistics, personnel and assets computers systems together under one massive and very expensive master system. A side benefit of such a system could be timely reports, and transparency in a city where opaque budget processes, a past practice, might someday actually end. So since it’s been two years, I believe it’s time for a few questions about this project and OUR taxpayer dollars.

Where is the marvel of modern web-based software magic? What’s happened to the $35 million? When will we see it? Or is this just another rat hole where the taxpayer’s money disappears? How much has San Diego Data Processing, a corporation similar to CCDC and SEDC, spent on it? Or to put it a little more clearly … Hey Jerry & Jay [Chief Operating Officer Goldstone]… where’s the beef?

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