San Diego Magazine this month lists editors Scott Lewis and Andrew Donohue in its “The Powers to Be” feature story on San Diego’s young leaders.

Here’s what it says:

The Christian Science Monitor called “a ray of hope for a troubled industry.” Under the leadership of these two editors, the nonprofit online news site is growing while traditional newspapers are shrinking. For the Web site, which is funded by donations, growth means a jump from two staffers to 11. But Voice of San Diego is making an impact with an emphasis on politics and government — and lots of scoops. In the past year, they’ve doubled their monthly page views to 1.2 million; they’ve increased funding with a number of large grants from prominent people; and they’ve partnered with NBC 7/39. “As a nonprofit, we aren’t looking to make money; we’re looking to educate, enlighten and sometimes entertain the city every day,” says Donohue, 30; Lewis is 32. “We’re really proud of where we are,” says Donohue. “And where we’re going.” staff

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