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My colleague Scott Lewis, who’s been spending about half his life on the radio and television recently, appeared on National Public Radio’s “On The Media” this past weekend.

Lewis talks extensively about voiceofsandiego.org, nonprofit journalism and its role in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

NPR has a transcript here and you can click on the audio below to listen to Lewis’ interview.

(Update: The audio player wasn’t working. We’re trying to figure it out. For now, click on the link above and you can listen to the interview there.)

Here’s a highlight, where Lewis lays out why we do what we do:

You know, information is a public service, and we’ve been lucky in many ways for decades, even centuries, to have it subsidized by advertising, by people who wanted to get their message in the middle of whatever public service was being performed.

But that’s gone. When was the last time you looked at page A 7 of a major daily newspaper and said, wow, those are some great tires, I need to go buy those tires? It’s just not happening as much.

And so our purpose was to try to salvage the public service that was in journalism and do it more efficiently by taking out the printing costs of the newspaper and then also focusing in on a mission; that we were going to cover the things that really matter — the government, and hold the government accountable.

And, you know, we’re not going to spend a lot of effort just telling the stories that get us the hits that we’re going to tell the stories that fulfill that mission.


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