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So you might have noticed that The New York Times wrote a story about us. Overall, it’s really been an amazing experience as e-mails and interest in what we’re doing have been coming in every day. There was an interesting note in the story that caught us a bit off guard.

The Times wrote about our readership and traffic to the site using measurements from a website called quantcast. I’d never heard of quantcast, but when the writer for the Times looked us up on the site, quantcast had only an estimate for us and that’s what the paper used. It was 18,000 people a month, which surprised us. Our internal statistics, from Google Analytics and our content management system, have measured our monthly unique visitors statistics at a much higher level.

For instance, in November, our Google Analytics stats put us at 82,000 absolute unique visitors for November.

We’ve since signed up with quantcast and embedded the code in our site so that it can track our traffic. Now, quantcast says that 55,000 people visit our site per month.

We’ll place the badge below on various parts of the site so you can check it from time to time if you’re into that kind of thing.

And if that makes you or your organization want to sponsor the site, you’re always welcome to talk with melanie.seales@voiceofsandiego.org and see what she can come up with.


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