Kelly Bennett has a really interesting installment of “People at Work” today, which is probably one of the most timely pieces the series has seen.

It’s about Dino Manning, a former HSBC employee who got laid off from his job and now spends his days taking care of his newborn son, Kai.

With unemployment rates ticking up and the economy sagging, the article does exactly what the series is intended to do: it brings someone from your community, someone you might not otherwise get to know, and gives you a slice of their life.

There’s lots of interesting stories just like this one, so if you haven’t checked out our archive, go to our People at Work page. There’s stories, photography, video and audio slideshows all featured on the page. Plus, Kelly has been checking back in with her subjects periodically and finding out what they’re up to today for her blog “Survival in San Diego“.


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