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The discussion of whether to close under-enrolled schools to save money in San Diego Unified has been quiet so far, handled by a superintendent’s committee that meets roughly every other week. But nobody expects it to stay quiet: Closing schools is among the most controversial steps a school district can take, and the ultimate decision must be aired to the public and approved by the school board. And the worries are already surfacing from grassroots community groups.

Concerns about possible school closures topped the headlines of the Clairemont Community News, a free monthly newspaper that is delivered to Clairemont homes. Clairemont Town Council schools committee member Dot Jensen wrote the commentary, which notes that three Clairemont schools are being considered for closure. Jensen complained that the process is not sufficiently open to the public, calling it “secretive” and “a disgrace to our schools and our city.” Over the past month more members of the public have started attending the meetings, the last of which was Monday.

The committee is supposed to give its recommendations to the San Diego Unified school board on which schools to close, if any, by January.


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