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ESPN recently wrapped up a fascinating piece that tracks the lives of two local high school football stars who live just miles apart, but lead remarkably different lives.

For a week, “Outside” The Lines tracked La Costa Canyon cornerback Connor Garrett and Oceanside linebacker Justin Vae’ena.

Here’s the premise for the series:

The challenge: To look at class in sports, circa 2008. A story so big it can be captured only in a photograph from a satellite. The alternative: Put it under a microscope. Find two prep teams in the same area code, one where students are constantly reminded of hardship, the other where fortunate sons and daughters might not always be aware of their privileged births. Urban and suburban. And from those teams, find a couple of players, good players, all-conference but not pro prospects — just a couple of young athletes who are starting to figure out their places in the world, who fairly represent their student bodies. Then, across a typical week in the season, measure the distance between their lives.

This past weekend, Garrett helped lead the LCC Mavericks to a San Diego Section Division I championship, while Vae’ena’s Oceanside Pirates claimed a Division II title.


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