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Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008 | I was very disturbed the news from reporter Rani Gupta on Councilwoman Donna Frye giving up her seat on the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee to Councilwoman Sherri Lightner of the well-off District 1. I could not believe my eyes. Why would Ms. Frye give up such an important seat that is beneficial to her district that is full of working class families interested in keeping their neighborhoods safe?

I would like to get more information on what exactly happened. I cannot find any record of this memo from councilmembers Donna Frye and Sherri Lightner regarding the seat.

Did Ms. Frye just give up the seat on the committee to Ms. Lightner for the heck of it? That seat is very valuable. In Linda Vista, a community within Ms. Frye’s district, there is a strong group of community leaders working hard to improve the community and create opportunities for our youths to grow up in a safe healthy community and to hear that my councilwoman squandered the opportunity to serve on a such an important committee that impacts everything we work on is a slap to the face. The committee is responsible for police, fire, paramedics, neighborhood parks, recreation programs, youth services, senior services, neighborhood revitalization, BIDs, litter control, Minority Business and Women Business Empires, Community Development Block Grant programs, code enforcement, graffiti abatement, and Parking Regulations and Enforcement. These programs are what keeps our neighborhoods safe.

I find it very surprising that Ms. Frye, the most senior member of the City Council, gave up a third committee seat and is now only serving on two committees while several other council memebers, such as Tony Young and Todd Gloria are serving on four committees. I expected more from my councilmember and I hope Ms. Frye is able to realize what a huge loss this is to our community. Hopefully she will find a way to get back on that committee since Linda Vista deserves a representative on that committee a lot more than La Jolla.

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