Here’s more on today’s story from Randy Dotinga on his decision to have his DNA analyzed as part of a long-term study:

Q: What’s the purpose of the study?

A: It’s mainly to figure out whether people change their behaviors once they know about their genetic propensities toward disease. Researchers will also try to find new links between genes and illness.

Q: Who’s in charge?

A: The Scripps Translational Science Institute is running the study and is working with three co-sponsors: Navigenics (a gene-testing company), Affymetrix (a gene-testing laboratory) and Microsoft.

Q: Who’s eligible to take part?

A: Scripps planned to accept up to 10,000 participants — employees of Scripps and their friends and families. They all get discounts on the genetic tests but are expected to fill out questionnaires about their lives for the next 20 years.

About 2,600 people had signed up as of earlier this month, and members of public are now invited to take part even if they have no connection to Scripps.

However, nurses won’t be collecting saliva from participants after Monday. For more information, visit