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Time flies when you are talking about sex education: I had to trim down my interview with Marge Kleinsmith-Hildebrand, who oversees sex education programs in San Diego Unified. Here is an interesting bit that was left on the cutting room floor:

You believe that it is a problem that health is not a required class in California. Why? (San Diego Unified requires schools to cover certain topics, including sex education, but does not have a dedicated health class.)
We all know that students need certain education and if we don’t have a class to put it into, it means you have to go into other required courses and ask those teachers to let you come in and deal with these issues. It doesn’t always fit what the teachers are doing and they have standards to meet. So it can be a conflict. … We have to count on [classroom] teachers but they have been very understanding of the importance of these topics and have been more than generous in letting us come in.


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