Normally when I write something about the Chargers, like I did today, I get two types of reactions from readers: “Let Spanos leave!” or “I’ve been a fan forever and we’ve got to keep them!”

Today, the first e-mail I received, from Tom Eng, summed up the let-them-go side pretty succinctly:

I think everyone is tired of the extortion from the Spanos family and when the Chargers leave, Good riddance!

Then, I got what I thought was going to be the standard line from the I’m-a-huge-fan side. However, this time it came with a twist. From Larry Urdah:

I have lived in San Diego since 1950 and been a fan since they played in Balboa Stadium at San Diego High. I have watched in horror as our local government and state government has become dysfunctional, with no end in sight. The Chargers deserve better. I am all for them leaving to get the best deal they can.

We keep re-electing and electing incompetent public officials that cater only to special interests. So San Diegans only have themselves to blame. The sport fans deserve better and the city deserves better. I see no improvement on the horizon.

As Edmond Burke said when good men do nothing evil flourishes and that is the State of California and San Diego right now.


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