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Unions have been a great tool in raising the standard of living for all the people in this great land. They have helped make America the strongest and fairest country in the world.

Through the years the unions have become very large entities that focus more energy on maintaining control and self-promotion than in keeping people employed at living wages.

This seems to be the case with the PLA’s. By restricting contractors to hire only union members for all positions they are forcing municipalities to spend more then necessary (which many can not afford) or give up much needed projects. Not all job descriptions require the overhead needed in an all union-shop work project. By demanding an all union-shop work project, you are denying many contractors the ability to bid fairly and their non-union workers a living.

What is needed is a balance of union and non-union workers. This will ensure the lowest bid possible, allow for more projects, and provide work for more people.

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