With rain in the forecast for Thursday through the weekend, the San Diego County Water Authority is reminding folks: When nature irrigates your lawn, you don’t have to.

In a news release, the authority says:

Irrigation systems can remain off for a minimum of a week to 10 days after a rainfall and longer if significant precipitation occurs. The Water Authority estimates a voluntary one-week hiatus from using landscape watering systems across the region could save 2,000 acre-feet of water.

That’s enough to meet the water demands of 4,000 families for a year.

Start watering again when your soil is dry one to two inches deep, the authority says.

We’ve been keeping track of all instances when CalTrans, one of the region’s largest water users, is irrigating during the rain. The agency says it shuts off sprinklers during the rain, though we’ve documented at least five instances of sprinklers irrigating during rainstorms in the last three months. If you see rain falling and a roadside sprinkler spraying, please e-mail me with the time and location at rob.davis@voiceofsandiego.org.


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