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Welcome to In the Muck.

I have an eclectic beat, and so the discussion here may be a bit scattered from day-to-day. I cover the environment and the media, water supplies and politics. I spent half of last year investigating the Centre City Development Corp.’s former president, Nancy Graham. I’m convinced I have the best beat in San Diego.

My goal is to engage you in a dialogue here. I spent five years working at daily newspapers in Virginia before moving out here. Back then, I had little interactivity with readers. That was an era when my colleagues were leery about even putting their e-mail addresses at the end of their stories.

I’ll still post news tidbits and breaking news here. More so, I hope to broaden the discussion. When I sat down for a Q&A Thursday with Alex Ruiz, the assistant director of the city’s Water Department, I went in armed with questions from more than a dozen readers. That’s the benefit of this space. You can inform my reporting, and my reporting can inform you. We both win. Not bad.

You can e-mail me with tips, questions or feedback at Or you can post in the comments section below. Keep it clean.


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