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Monday, Feb. 9, 2009 | The proposed Carlsbad desalinization plant completes the circle of insanity that is our relationship with water in San Diego. First, we use obscene quantities of dollars and energy to import water from some distant watershed, which is ruined in the process. We use that precious water once, mostly to grow exotic plants (Don’t even think about re-using any of it, buster). Then we dump it in the ocean, where it pollutes that environment. Finally, we further degrade the ocean by pumping the water back out using — you guessed it — obscene quantities of dollars and energy. Meanwhile, our paved-over environment channels any rain that falls on San Diego directly into the ocean, creating— Presto! — more pollution! But it’s way too much to expect that any of San Diego’s “leaders” would call this lunacy by its rightful name.

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