I received an e-mail the other day from Reader MD who had this to say about my post regarding the city watering Dusty Rhodes Park in the middle of a downpour:

You can add all along [State Route 56] to that story as well. During the last rain —the day before it rained, when the forecast was clear about the rain coming (and it did), the sprinklers were on all along the 56. I drive the 56 every day to work in Carmel Valley — I was livid but didn’t know who to call! It’s happened a few times.

CalTrans waters the side of Interstate 805 late last year.

MD, that fits in well with what my colleague Rob Davis has been reporting about CalTrans watering the side of the highways even during rainstorms.

It’s significant in a time when local governments are asking residents to cut back on their water usage and mandatory cutbacks are looming..

If you notice any more instances of CalTrans or the city watering our parks or freeways in the rain, e-mail sam.hodgson@voiceofsandiego.org or rob.davis@voiceofsandiego.org.


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