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Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009 | This Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 17, 2009 the City Council of San Diego will hear Agenda Item 335 to amend the 1931 Trust between the State of California and the city of San Diego to allow a beach and wildlife habitat as an allowable use under the public trust doctrine. This will allow the area to remain a beach instead of dredging 3,000 cubic yards of sand with ongoing dredging every two years. This amendment will save the city of San Diego many millions of dollars and the public will finally have a resolution to the multiple lawsuits.

If the city decides not to act and allows dredging take place to recreate a pool instead of a beach, there will be a high likelihood of catastrophic failure of the coastal slopes and landsliding. Dredging the beach to recreate the trust area into a “pool” is a very bad idea.

The city attorney wrote an opinion on the matter recommending adoption of the resolution to allow the seals to stay which will save the taxpaying citizens of San Diego millions of dollars by not dredging and not undercutting the toe of the coastal slopes.

Please read the documents and send your emails to hearings1@sandiego.gov“> hearings1@sandiego.gov and sherrilightner@sandiego.gov with the Subject: Item 335 La Jolla Children’s Pool, dredging, and Seals.

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