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Here are some of the more interesting science and technology stories I came across this weekend:

The Los Angeles Times led its Sunday edition with this story on how workers are being retrained in preparation for what many are saying will be boom in green energy industries like wind and solar power. It touched on some of the same topics as our January story on San Diego’s position as a green tech hub.

Also on the LA Times’ front page was the story of Sheri Sangji, a 23-year-old UCLA student who died from third-degree burns she suffered in a chemistry lab fire. The accident, according to the Times, raises questions about laboratory safety at UCLA.

The Union-Tribune’s Scott LaFee made himself heard this weekend with this piece on new research into the mating calls of cheetahs by scientists at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

And finally, I saw this post on The New York Times website about a study showing that immigrant technology workers are in increasing numbers going back to their home countries to work. This is a big issue in San Diego, and one we wrote about back in April. Expect us to be writing more about it.


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