The teachers union is pushing to discontinue a budget survey posted on the San Diego Unified website, contending that “the true purpose of the District’s survey is to pit parents against educators.”

The survey, posted last week, asks parents, community members and employees who are not represented by unions to rate different proposed cuts as options to “strongly consider,” “consider if necessary,” or “never consider.” The website states that it isn’t directed to employees who are represented by “employee labor organizations,” which excludes almost everyone except for the top managers in the school district.

An e-mail alert sent Monday by the teachers union argues that most of the issues in the survey are so intertwined with the bargaining process that it is inappropriate to consider them outside of the bargaining table. “The survey is laced with issues that are mandatory subjects of bargaining,” it states.

It also contends that the survey is a way for San Diego Unified to dodge its own responsibility for financial problems, which it attributes to “top-heavy administration, lack of planning, and excessive spending on testing, consultants, and other non-instructional items.” The union wants the survey to be removed from the website entirely.


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