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Tuesday, March 3, 2009 | I would like to commend Rob Davis on his article about John Willett and his work in the Otay Valley Regional Park. The piece was excellent and really captured John’s character, how he cleaned up the Otay Valley Regional Park, and what his efforts to clean up the park mean to the South Bay. The Otay Valley is one of the last areas of open space in south San Diego County and serves as important habitat for many species. John’s work has been instrumental in cleaning the area up, and the Otay River Valley would not be what it is today without his efforts.

The San Diego Foundation-sponsored section, “A Virtual Convening,” on residents who have tackled problems in their neighborhoods is a great idea and will help to inspire other community members to get involved to overcome issues and create stronger communities and a healthier environment. continues to lead the way in revealing the untold stories of San Diego fairly and accurately. Keep up the great work.

Katie Westfall manages the Otay River Conservation Program for Wildcoast.

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