Thanks to the readers who’ve offered up answers to my challenge earlier today to help Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox finish her state of the city speech, which she’s delivering Tuesday.

I asked you to finish this sentence: “The state of our city is…” You’ve said:

  • The state of our city is vacuous.
  • The state of our city is no longer Chula, so we are changing our name to Pesimista Vista.
  • The state of our city is shaken, and we are stirred to action.
  • The state of the city is, as it has been for quite some time, intoxicated; that is to say we feel better now than we really should, or otherwise would, but in the back of our foggy minds we realize that one day we will wake up with blurry vision, a headache and then feel liking barfing. 

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