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Sometimes, as a photojournalist, you find yourself in situations where people don’t exactly want you taking their photographs.

Take this morning for instance. The San Diego County Employees Retirement Association decided in closed session this morning to accept the resignation of their chief investment officer, David Deutsch. While the board discussed this in closed session, I approached Deutsch with my wide angle lens, stood directly in front of him and prepared to take a photo. Deutsch sat, stared at me for about 10 seconds (which felt like an eternity) and I told him “Good Morning.” He shook his head and continued to write on a notepad and sip coffee from an SDCERA mug.

Then, after he entered the closed session meeting, I went to wait in the hallway for him to exit. As he came down the hallway he looked at me and said “What? Leave me alone already.” He then looked at two women walking down the hallway and continued: “This guy’s been taking pictures of me all day.”

Well, that’s my job.


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