Just a quick note: Recalculated budget numbers from San Diego Unified show that the school district now estimates it would only save $990,324 if class sizes in Seminar were made larger to eliminate the need for 12 teaching jobs.   

This is one reason why I dislike the perpetual change in budget numbers in the school district. When I finished my story on Seminar last week, the school district was estimating that it would save about $2 million and more jobs would be eliminated if class sizes were bumped from 23 to 25 students. That’s a big difference. 

I’m pretty sure the school district doesn’t like the changes, either, especially since its estimated deficit has now deepened to nearly $147 million after the state changed its plans. That shortfall was originally estimated at only $63 million. (Add that one to the book of phrases I thought I would never write: “Only $63 million.”)


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