The Independent Budget Analyst’s Office has released results from the City Council survey given to residents as part of the city’s budget-cutting process.

Those who took the survey — either at hearings held by the council’s Budget and Finance Committee or online — voiced the most support for eliminating adult recreational programs, art and cultural programs, and the downtown library.

The survey also asked for suggested tax hikes or other revenue generators. The most popular suggestions were raising taxes, charging for trash collection, and reducing city salaries and perks. Look for those results to be cited by those advocating tax hikes or workers concessions as the city seeks to close a $60 million gap for the fiscal year starting July 1.

The IBA notes that the nearly 700 people who took the survey shouldn’t be viewed as representing all San Diego residents because they sought to participate in the survey and weren’t part of a random sample.

The report is here, along with the survey itself and more detailed results.

Update: The original version of this post said the suggestions included a charge for “tax collection” rather than “trash collection.” We regret the error.


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