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So much for April 1 being the day Conficker commences with a world-wide cyber beat down. As computer experts had come to expect, not much happened yesterday despite warnings that the internet virus would attack millions of computers on April Fools’ Day.

Yesterday was a typical day for the worm, according to this post from the magazine PCWorld. But that doesn’t mean the threat is over.

From the post:

Yesterday, Conficker began its daily exercise of contacting 500 Web sites from a randomly generated list of 50,000 sites. Conficker will continue to do this every day until it receives instructions to do something else. Further instructions could be a simple software update or the infected computers could work as a botnet to commit theft or attack other computer networks. The problem is that while security and IT professionals are working to block Conficker from getting further instructions, they haven’t been able to block all Conficker traffic. So some infected machines have gotten through, but luckily further instructions haven’t been issued, yet. Conficker’s authors may be laying low until publicity surrounding Conficker dies down before contacting their creation.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this story for a couple months now, and will continue to issue updates as events warrant.


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