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The Union-Tribune’s Ron Powell had a story today about whether council members are cutting their compensation 6 percent, given the cuts that employee unions agreed to or had imposed on them this week.

Some council members said they wouldn’t be cutting their salaries or those of their staff, with some saying they’ve already made cuts. From the story:

Councilwoman Marti Emerald noted that she rejected the auto allowance when she took office in December. She said she does not plan to forfeit any of her $75,386-a-year salary.

“Honestly, I can’t afford to give any more,” Emerald said.

She noted that she cut her office’s payroll by 20 percent when she took office in December.

“We came in realizing that we had to make a difference, so we adjusted all of the salaries downwards,” Emerald said. “We didn’t have to be asked twice n we get it.”

Others told the newspaper they would make the cuts:

Councilman Tony Young said he and his staff will absorb the cuts through a combination of unpaid days off, benefit cuts and increased staff payments for benefits — a method also being used by unions.

“All city employees are affected by the deficit we face,” Young said. “We’ll make adjustments that equate to 6 percent.”


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