The union representing blue-collar employees is planning a complaint against the city for engaging in unfair labor practices.

Joan Raymond, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 127, said the city’s cost estimates for different concessions changed during bargaining. She said that’s one of the problems that will likely to be cited in the complaint, which is still being drawn up.

Last week, City Council voted 8-0 to impose a contract on the blue-collar workers and police.

Raymond said union officials weren’t necessarily opposed to the amount of the cuts, but wanted to explore different means, such as furloughs being taken by the white-collar employees and the deputy city attorneys. Instead the one-year contract imposed on the union calls for employees to pick up a larger share of their pension payments.

She said city workers are inclined not to support the current City Council members in future elections unless they “redeem themselves.”

“When you volunteer on weekends and nights to campaign and phone bank for people you think are representing the lowest-paid workers in the city and then they don’t support you when it comes time for the vote, obviously you’re really upset about it,” Raymond said.


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