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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 | Finally, someone says it. Does it take a Scripps scientist to say it, before anyone listens? Our region cannot possibly sustain the continual push for more and more development. According to Tim Barnett, with dwindling water supplies, it is the thing that bothers him the most.

He must be aware that even as our city heads towards water rationing there are no plans to curtail the massive infill development projects now in the works: 5,000 residential units at Quarry Falls in Mission Valley; 8,000 proposed by the Grantville Stakeholders Committee; not to mention the multitude of projects with more than 400, but less than 500 units, already authorized.

He is correct. The problem is political. As we prepare for water rationing and watch our yards turn brown, perhaps we should concentrate on changing the politics.

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