Concord Property Management, the company that for months has been renting out more than 80 properties in San Marcos and Escondido that were caught up in a massive real estate swindle, has returned some renters deposits and will no longer have anything to do with some of the units, according to a letter from the company’s owner.

The fate of the renters has been up in the air since we published this story revealing that the condos were part of the swindle. Concord has been collecting rents on the properties for a Bay Area real estate investor named Jim McConville, who orchestrated the deal but does not own any of the condos. Many of the renters have stopped paying rent to Concord since they learned of the scheme.

The letter was sent to Vicki Jenkins, one of the owners of properties in Sommerset Woods, a complex in San Marcos. Jenkins has been campaigning on behalf of the renters caught up in the real estate scheme and has been writing letters to Concord’s owner, Victor Goliac, threatening legal action against him.

Goliac’s letter to Jenkins, dated May 12, reads:

All your units received a letter stating that this company don’t have anything to do with their units anymore and they ALL received back their deposits.

But Goliac’s decision appears limited to properties owned by Jenkins.

Tom Bray, who rents one of the condos involved in the swindle that is owned by Jenkins, said he received a letter from Goliac telling him Concord would have nothing more to do with the properties. Bray said he also received a check for the full amount of his deposit.

But Tammy Goldberg, who lives in a unit not owned by Jenkins, said she hasn’t received her deposit back. Nor has Renée Calabrese, whose unit is also not owned by Jenkins. Calabrese said she faxed Goliac a letter today saying she wants her deposit back.

“I’m not asking for anything else. The way I see it, I paid rent and I got somewhere to live. I just want my deposit back to help pay for moving costs,” she said.

Jenkins, who owns five properties in Sommerset Woods in San Marcos, sent tenants at the condos a letter on May 12 that advised them to immediately stop paying rent to Concord or anyone else. The letter reads:

Victor Goliac of Concord Management Co., to whom you have been paying your monthly rent, asserts that that (sic) Jim McConville is the owner of your properties. Unfortunatley, neither Jim McConville nor Victor Goliac, owner of Concord Management Company, has paid any of your rent monies to us or the mortgage company. Therefore, we are sorry to say that your home if it is not already in foreclosure will be soon. All of your homes are being sold by the lending institution.


Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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