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A committee to help pass a 2006 bond measure for the Rancho Santa Fe School District, a tiny elementary school district, was slapped with a $19,000 fine today by the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

According to the FPPC, Friends of Rancho Santa Fe Schools and its treasurer, Richard Burdge, failed to file key forms in a timely manner, such as a statement of organization, numerous campaign statements and late contribution reports, and failed to properly report information about their contributors on a campaign statement. The missteps were connected to the June 2006 primary election for Proposition H, a bond to acquire seven acres of property and build a new elementary school, which ultimately failed at the ballot box.

I haven’t been able to reach Burdge. The San Diego Reader wrote that the unreported donations included $15,000 from the Rancho Santa Fe Association, $5,000 from Telacu Construction Management, a Los Angeles corporation that builds schools, and $2,000 from Keenan and Associates, which provides workers’ compensation policies to school districts.


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