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Thursday, June 18, 2009 | Rani Gupta‘s article quotes a local political professional as saying that the passage of the Project Stabilization Agreement at the school board merely amounted to an “ancillary victory” for the labor movement.

I want to assure you there was nothing ancillary about it. This agreement is a huge win for local workers it was made possible because of work by the unions in the Building Trades, the Labor Council, including the SDEA, and our many community partners and allies. The Labor Council was one of many tools that we use to win this agreement; they contributed through political outreach and strategic input. Labor continues to be a movement of solidarity, a movement of like minded people, working together for working people.

Rather than an “ancillary victory,” I believe this was a major victory for San Diegans as well as the affiliates of the Building Trades and Labor Council. The Prop S. PSA is truly a historic agreement that will improve the quality of life for workers in the San Diego construction industry.

Tom Lemmon is the Business Manager at San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council.

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