Monday, June 22, 2009 | On behalf of many of our citizens here in Imperial Beach we would like to thank the and specifically your reporter Adrian Florido for covering the city of Imperial Beach’s alleged violation of the Brown Act.

Your commitment for taking on tough issues will ultimately ensure that democracy — no matter how small — functions with integrity and that the rule of law prevails.

Cronyism or even the appearance of cronyism is never healthy for democracy. When Mayor Jim Janney, Council persons Lorie Bragg and Patricia McCoy partnered with former Mayor Diane Rose in ensuring her appointment to the Imperial Beach City Council, they made a conscious decision to circumvent a legitimate process that was already in play, and one that would have provided all interested citizens an opportunity to participate in our local democracy.

Only Councilman Jim King abstained from endorsing this unfortunate action.

Instead of leading, Janney, Bragg, and McCoy allowed the city attorney to call the shots. Many believe this was an unfortunate choice and disagree with the city attorney’s conclusion including the editor of Eagle and Times and Terry Francke, general counsel for Californians Aware, a nonprofit organization that advocates for open government. Mr. Francke questioned the councils motives when he asked “so what was the council’s rush to fill a vacancy only three days old, if not to see that Rose had no competition for the appointment? None of the listed recommendations in the manager’s report suggested an immediate appointment. All recommendations projected a future solution by appointment or election.”

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