Here is your daily dose of education news.

We blog on other places where teachers are paid not to teach. The Union-Tribuneeditorializes on a San Diego teachers union proposal called “maintenance of standards” that the writer opines “would give it a virtual veto over any changes in the classroom” and writes about the free summer meals being distributed to kids by schools around the county. (Which reminds me — you must see this Colbert Report clip.)

SDNN reports on the rally at Gompers against San Diego Unified plans to put classrooms for another school on part of their shared campus and says that bulldozers were already there — which contradicts what I was told on Tuesday. (Check back later today for definitive info on the bulldozers.) And the North County Times writes that a charter school under scrutiny by the Vista school district has a new leader.

In state news: The Los Angeles Times reports on a parcel tax to fund schools that failed in the San Gabriel Valley, which could bode poorly for other large urban districts that want to do the same. The Times also reported on a controversial conversion of Los Angeles Unified’s largest campus into a charter school. The Sacramento Bee writes about the slipping financial ratings of many of its local school districts. And the Associated Press tries to pin down the size of the state deficit and explains funding proposals headed to schools.

And on the national edu-scene: A Princeton economist questions whether the calculations used to evaluate teachers under merit pay plans are sound because children aren’t evenly sorted into classes. The Washington Post reports that D.C. school leaders are interested in seeing the largely Los Angeles-based Green Dot charter schools expand to the Capitol.

Fordham Institute bloggers speculate on what federal education czar Arne Duncan might say to a national teachers union today in San Diego. And Teacher Magazine discusses whether teachers are being scapegoated by the media.


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