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The City Attorney’s Office missed our 4 p.m. deadline today for producing the 692 e-mails the city kept secret about its water-cuts plan. Andrew Jones, assistant city attorney, sent us a letter an hour later saying that a full response would be coming tomorrow.

In a letter sent to Cory Briggs, the attorney representing us, Jones wrote:

[T]he City will have a complete written response, along with a production of items available for your review and inspection, by 4:00 p.m. on July 9th. Thank you for your professional courtesy in allowing the additional time to resolve technical issues associated with this production.

In a response, Briggs wrote:

It is too bad that your office does not know how to tell time because I was just finishing the complaint. Assuming that your client fully complies by tomorrow at 4 p.m., these initial court papers will never see the courthouse. If [Rob Davis] does not have everything by 4 p.m., the papers will be filed. My client will not stand for any more games or delays.

More on this tomorrow.


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