The restructuring is in full swing at the newly owned Genentech, but it is looking like the Oceanside plant will likely be spared.

The industry newsletter FiercePharma reported Friday that the company is in the “throes of restructuring, with a major management reshuffle and now job cuts.”

I called the company to see what that means to Genentech’s Oceanside manufacturing plant, which employs 500 people. We’ve been keeping an eye on the plant since the early days of what turned out to be a long and winding buyout of Genentech by the Swiss Pharma giant Roche.

And, according to Genentech spokeswoman Caroline Pecquet, the folks in Oceanside can breathe easy. Although she offered no guarantees, Pecquet said “Oceanside will continue to play an important role in the combined Roche/Genentech manufacturing network.”

She said more specifics will come on July 23, when the company has its second quarter earnings call.


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