Wednesday, July 22, 2009 | Thank you for writing an article on FACT (Full Access Coordinated Transportation). Although I was happy to learn more about FACT, I believe your article could leave your readers with the wrong impression.

I recently learned about FACT after my community’s bus service was cut and para-transit services were eliminated. What FACT is trying to do is a very complex and long-term feat. This is no ordinary project. Just imagine what it will take for FACT to coordinate accessible transportation for our region!

I believe that your readers could have learned more relevant information about this dynamic up-and-coming organization if your article would have focused more on their current status. It is good to know history, but perhaps you could follow up with another article on FACT’s current leadership, direction and planned projects. That would give us all a better idea of how to support their efforts.

No offense meant, but a list of things that FACT has not accomplished reinforces a mindset where Americans want what they want NOW. We mustn’t encourage such thinking. Creating a sustainable coordinated transportation system and identifying /filling all service gaps is going to take a grand strategy. Don’t look to this project for huge short-term outcomes, look to this organization for solid long-term regional transportation coordination.

From my perspective as a community consultant/consensus-builder, FACT is an administratively sound, fully committed collaborator who presents professionally and operates ethically. I respect the fact that this organization has been resilient enough to recover so well from such a bumpy start and I look forward to seeing them tackle this large coordination challenge in the years to come! I invite you and your readers to join me in supporting FACT in this challenge.

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