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I recently got a press release on a nifty program: The University of San Diego was awarded $900,000 from the National Science Foundation to give scholarships to a dozen teaching students who commit to teach math and science for up to six years in needy high schools.

Why is this a big deal? There’s a shortage of math and science teachers in San Diego and nationwide — often because folks savvy in math and science can make a lot more money working in biotech and the other fields that my coworker David Washburn covers so well. Studies have shown that elementary teachers are often uneasy with science because it wasn’t their strongest subject. That can translate into kids who aren’t excited about it either.

I’m curious to start delving more into this issue. Are you a scientist who has considered going into teaching — or vice versa? What would bring you into teaching, or what has kept you away? Send me your thoughts at


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