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You might have noticed me popping up around here at in recent weeks.

Many of our dedicated readers have established a pretty strong familiarity with VOSD writers and their work, so it’s understandable that I’ve gotten e-mails from readers asking questions along the lines of, “Should I know you?”

I’ve never formally introduced myself, so I wanted to do that now. I’m the newest reporter on the VOSD staff, recently arrived to San Diego after having enjoyed excellent blues music but also endured pretty cold winters while studying history in Chicago.

It’s a homecoming of sorts. Having grown up in Southern California, I’ve found myself back a little sooner than expected, but I’m thrilled to be joining a talented group of reporters who are committed to really quality journalism.

I’ve been hired to take on a new beat focusing on San Diego’s neighborhoods. I’ll be looking for the best stories across the city and county that highlight important issues our community is facing.

They’ll be the stories that might not have fit into VOSD’s traditional beats, but that deserve telling because of what they say about how San Diego is changing, how its residents are getting involved in that change, and what problems and issues they’re tackling.

They’ll also be the stories about what makes San Diego interesting and unique, like its people and places. You may also have noticed obituaries on our site recently. I hope to continue telling the stories of important and everyday residents whose lives contributed to shaping what San Diego is today.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you about the issues, people, and places you think are important and deserving of coverage in your community. Feel free to e-mail me at with tips, or just to introduce yourself. I’m looking forward to it.


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