After weeks of rancor over how San Diego Unified would balance the different needs of two adjacent schools — one a charter school, one a magnet run by the school district — a plan has been struck.

The two schools, Gompers Charter Middle School and Millennial Tech Middle School, had different plans for the use of a shared field on their Chollas View campus. Gompers staffers were suspicious of an initial plan to temporarily place a row of portable classrooms on the field to accommodate more Millennial Tech students, fearful that the buildings would end up staying longer. They also disliked the idea of a bus turnaround directly next to the Gompers site. Millennial staffers said they needed the added space.

The new plan approved by the school board includes placing four temporary classrooms — fewer than originally planned — on the edge of the field and deferring the bus turnaround plans so that a joint committee from both schools can review the idea. Doing so is estimated to be roughly $500,000 more expensive than the original plans for the site, according to plans shown to the school board today.


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