When the 2006 U.S. attorneys firing scandal was unfolding, members of the Republican National Committee discussed whether local attorney Pat Shea was being considered as a replacement for Carol Lam, who’d been removed from her post as U.S. attorney in San Diego.

Pat Shea “is evidently being considered for US attorney in CA?” wrote Sara Taylor, a political aide to former President George W. Bush, in a Jan. 24, 2007 e-mail to RNC officials. “can u find out the deal? Spanos’ have an interest in this — let’s discuss.”

(The e-mail obscures a word before “Spanos’.”)

That e-mail, released along with hundreds of other documents by the House Judiciary Committee today, was sent a few days after the Union-Tribune’s editorial page speculated that Shea was under consideration. The editorial said Shea’s name had surfaced. It didn’t say how.

The secret documents offer a unique window into the Bush White House’s policy and press machinations. Take a look at them. If you see anything interesting about Carol Lam’s dismissal, e-mail me the page reference at rob.davis@voiceofsandiego.org.


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