Want to see how your school did on the state tests? Click here to visit the California Department of Education website. Beyond getting results for individual schools, the site aggregates results for entire districts and counties, for different groups of students and for different kinds of tests.

I did some number crunching myself, comparing these numbers to the numbers from last year, and found a few interesting factoids:

  • The biggest jump in test scores in San Diego Unified was at Longfellow School, a Spanish magnet school where the percentage of students who scored at the proficient level in history went from 25 percent to 67 percent. Interestingly, history and science scores seem to have had the most movement across the district, for good or for ill. I took a look at the biggest jumps and the biggest drops in scores and almost all of them were on history or science tests.
  • Speaking of drops, the biggest I found was at Cubberley Elementary, where the percentage of students who scored at the level of proficient in science fell from 64 percent to 42 percent.

I’ll keep poring through the data today and see what I turn up. Spot something interesting in those numbers? Shoot me an e-mail at emily.alpert@voiceofsandiego.org.


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