Your comments on the seemingly revolving door at San Diego Unified keep pouring in.

Erik Bruvold, director of the National University System Institute for Policy Research, noted that superintendent turnover is pretty typical in urban districts. The Council of Great City Schools, for instance, found that the average tenure of an urban superintendent was three and a half years in 2008. And that’s actually an improvement: The average stay at its lowest point was two years and four months in 1999.

Bruvold wrote that by that measure, Cohn was shy of average and Bersin was exceptionally long-lived:

This district NEEDS stability. But we shouldn’t beat San Diego up for being an outlier when it isn’t. I really WANT to see a sup stay longer than three years.  But I think to do that the issue isn’t, “How can SDUSD be different than it has been” and more, “How can we be different than most urban districts?” Not holding my breath cause that means less politics and more delegation to the superintendent.

Reader Joe LaCava writes that we’re all overthinking this:

News stories like this give folks a chance to jump on a soapbox and push their particular agenda. At times like this I think of Occam’s Razor… the simplest answer is usually the right one. Why is Grier leaving? California’s budget mess (who needs the brain damage) and chasing a bigger paycheck.


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