This relationship was supposed to last.

San Diego schools have had three superintendents over the last four years, but the current one — Terry Grier — had hinted that he was here for the long haul. “Give me a break,” he huffed weeks ago when asked about rumors that he hoped to land a job as schools chief in Houston.

Well, guess what: He’s the top finalist to become Houston schools superintendent. And parents, employees and experts are wondering why San Diego can’t keep its top seat filled for very long.

Maybe the door at the Southeastern Economic Development Corp. should’ve been revolving faster. We’ve discovered that the scandal-plagued agency’s former finance director has a history of personal bankruptcies — three in 22 years.

Dante Dayacap oversaw a budget that was as large as $30 million just two years ago, and he was at the financial helm when SEDC doled out more than $1 million in unauthorized bonuses and extra compensation. It’s not clear whether the agency ever bothered to check his background.

Moving back to education, we have an update on the strange case of the “charter school guru who promised rescue and brought ruin.” One of the employers of Michael Hazelton is firing back at him in an ongoing court case.

In San Diego City Hall news, the head of the San Diego County Taxpayer’s Association is the first on the mayor’s Convention Center expansion task force to announce that she plans to vote no. She’s unhappy with the lack of critical financial information provided to the task force.

Earlier this week, we looked at how the state is raiding local redevelopment funds, potentially squashing local improvement projects. In a commentary, UCSD doctoral student Vladimir Kogan is anything but alarmed by budget cuts leading to fiscal pain, and he says news stories — including ours — have “fueled false myths.”

Also in commentary, our cartoonist Ashley Pingree Lewis imagines a Union-Tribune makeover courtesy of its new owner, Beverly Hill-based Platinum Equity. In this case, thin may not be in.

Elsewhere, the U-T says the county’s chief pension official is up for a “hefty wage,” more than those managing funds more than 18 times as large. The U-T also says landlords — but not other businesses — will no longer have to pay a disputed fee to collect a tax.

San Diego CityBeat discovers that San Diego County is getting as much federal stimulus money for arts groups as Fresno County (less than a third our size population-wise) and less money than a county in Montana with 59,302 people.

Finally, we had a debate over Twitter about the best name for the collective residents of a local town or city.

Is it Powegians? (Those are residents of Poway.) Or Del Martians? I’m a personal fan of Jamulians myself.

Then there are the neighborhood names. Are residents of Little Italy called Little Italians? Or Little Italianos?

It’s hard to beat Obecians, the denizens of Ocean Beach. But if your community has a better name, drop me a line.


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