Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 | Is it any wonder that Dr. Terry Grier is leaving after such a short tenure here in San Diego? He is forced to work with an irresponsible board with no basic accounting sense and with a union leader who is unresponsive and who plays loose with facts. She has been known to say that the economy is of no concern to her and teachers deserve a raise even if there is no means to achieve it. Camille Zombro is vindictive, mean-spirited, and short-sighted. She is worse than a former district administration that believed that a leader’s worth was calculated by the number of staff members who were terminated or convinced to retire. Ms. Zombro believes a union’s value is determined by how many administrators are removed or reassigned. Collaboration is not a word in Camille’s vocabulary. I believe that Ms. Zombro should be our next superintendent. Let’s see how long San Diego Unified School District remains solvent with her at the helm!

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