Sunday, Aug. 23, 2009 | “It’s not about the money”! Are you kidding? Grier’s new job pays over $100,000 more a year. Of course it’s about the money.

Can we find someone local who is willing to work with the board, parents and teachers in order to improve the schools? Is it too much to ask that the next superintendent is respectful to students and employees and does not inflame the negative political rhetoric regarding the teacher’s union? The constant negativity from all parties in the district is unproductive, wasteful, and ultimately harmful to students in the classroom.

Who are these parents that are blaming Ms. Jackson for Grier’s departure? Show me one of these people who would not move to Houston for a raise that almost doubles their current salary.

Parents might go after Sheila Jackson, or they might choose to “go after someone else”! Is this ethical? Is this moral? If an elected official represents their constituents and does the job they were elected to do, how can anyone justify a recall based on the assumption that Grier is leaving because of a divided board, and not due to the fact that he is being offered a lot more money.

A superintendent is not a superhero that can fly in and fix all that is wrong in the district. School site councils should be given the power and the freedom to improve their school sites. The need to replace a superintendent should not cost the district an exorbitant amount of money and should not cause panic and paralysis.

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