If you read Bright and Early this morning, you heard about a national kerfuffle over President Barack Obama’s planned address to schoolchildren. Looks like this is causing a stir locally, too.

The Poway Unified School District, for instance, sent out a letter from Superintendent Don Phillips to parents assuring them that teachers may use the Obama speech in their lessons, but they won’t be required to do so. (Thanks to a reader for sending it along.) Here’s an excerpt:

We understand that some families may not wish to have their child watch the President’s speech at school. We are sending guidelines to all teachers indicating that if they plan to include the speech as part of a lesson, they need to inform parents by the end of school this Friday and give parents an opportunity to opt out by notifying the teacher prior to the broadcast on Tuesday morning. Students who have opted out will be assigned supervised alternate learning activities out of the classroom during the 20-minute speech and any immediate follow-up discussion.

Have you been contacted by your school district about the Obama speech? Are you a teacher who is planning to use it in a lesson? Tell me more at emily.alpert@voiceofsandiego.org.


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